Long Arm Cast Photos & Story

NOt working at full capacity

Another great contribution of a lady. She tells how have been to carry a LAC made of fiber. Enjoy!

"For those of you that don't already know. I have been working at half capacity since Fathers Day. I flipped the quad going up a hill, and broke my wrist. I am finding creative ways to work with it though. I won't let it slow me down. My hubby took these great shots of me, sporting my cast, on the front porch.The Beautiful fuchsia was a gift from my pop on Mothers Day".
Anna Wessel:   I love photography. Photography has become such an expression of art for me. To capture a moment in time, that can be remembered and cherished forever, is a privlige that I have been given. My style is laid back, casual, real. My favorite shots are those unexpected moments that you can look at and say "that is so you", when you look at the picture.